15 little details make sex different (one)

bisexual dating websitesSex is a very important part of the real thing for people. No matter what kind of people, bisexual, gay, lesbian and straight people. A survey by the American Institute of Sexology shows that 15% of men and 1/3 of women lack the desire to engage in sex. In fact, as long as the daily habits of a little change, you can make sex more interesting. Recently, the United States a magazine inventory can enhance sexual desire 15 small changes in life.

1. Schedule a date once a week. Couples can’t always stay at home, should be more out of the house in the evening, and arrange a traditional dating to revisit the old dream. Dating between husband and wife without a grand romance, as long as you go to the movies or dinner together can be brought back to the first time to meet the heart feeling. For bi couples, such appointments are very important, find a partner, make a date, and better enhance the bi couples' feelings.

2. Replace the bed quilt color. To make the bedroom into an uninterrupted private space, so that they will feel more relaxed, more intimate, sex will be back between husband and wife. To regularly change the color of bed sheets, add freshness, but also let the children and pets as little as possible to sleep in your bedroom.

3. Consultation on household chores. If the husband and wife are engaged in full-time work, they should be equally equal to the housework, not only let a person take all the housework to reduce its burden. In this way, the couple in the bedroom sex will be more enthusiastic, in the bedroom outside the atmosphere will be more harmonious.

4. Put sex in the schedule. Couples arranged for sex time, included in the plan, it doesn’t seem very romantic. But this is the husband and wife to have a positive life commitment. In this way, they will feel the need to complete the agreement on time, and thus not easy to find other excuses. For bi couples, such a plan is necessary. Bi couple need to find some new partners to join, included in the schedule, will become easier.

5. Bath to reduce stress. Every day a variety of stress sources, such as work, children and so on a person's sexual life will be beyond the imagination. Before sex, you can use a simple way to clear the minds of mind, such as a bath or lying to see the book.

6. Healthy diet. Healthy diet is helpful for sex when full of vitality. One study suggests that when cholesterol accumulates in the arteries, the blood is more difficult to flow, which makes the orgasm more difficult to reach. Life can be done by eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing the intake of animal fats and whole milk dairy products, lowering cholesterol levels.