5 Tips for Dating with Bi Woman

bisexual womanWhen considering dating a bisexual woman, you surely need to do things differently by complimenting her in ways that you wouldn't normally compliment another woman. Just because she is bisexual in nature does not mean she is looking to hook up with every woman or man that comes her way. Bisexual women also have their own standards regarding what they are looking for in a relationship, so it is paramount to respect their decision. When entering into a serious relationship with a bisexual woman, it is important to accept that they are attracted to men as well. You should however remember that it is you that they have chosen over anyone else and that they are attracted to you as an individual, and not just your physical appearance. If you wish to explore this segment of dating, there are a few things you'd have to bear in mind, in order to have a stable and healthy relationship.

Here are a few tips that would help you out:

The first tip that works wonders and should be taken seriously is trying something different other than just the obvious facial features complements. Go for something more like, "I like your visionary mind ", which would flatter and depict a brainy woman other than demonstrating obsession to their looks. Compliments are a necessity when it comes to passing the initial stages of flirting but too much could send her overboard. Make sure you restrain yourself to not going too far and away with these things and don't make it seem like you're grasping at straws. Some people think it's impossible to seduce bisexual women, but that's not true. Sure it's a little different approach, but a bisexual woman has one thing that can help you on your quest, an attraction for men. This is where you must start your quest, and then understand her needs and move accordingly. This kind of attempt is going to mean that you try a little harder than the average person, but that doesn't mean it's a sure thing if you try harder. Trying harder won't guarantee success, but it definitely is going to mean work in some cases. There is always the chance of a threesome in these cases, but make sure you don't push the issue, simply know that it could happen.

The second tip is demonstrating mad respect for her. Respect her bisexuality which is part of her identity. Avoid insisting that she is a lesbian just because she is currently in a relationship with you. Resist the conceited urge to share your opinions about bisexuality being a transient state of human sexuality, even as you offer to guide her into finding her true inner lesbian. Remember that most bisexual women consider themselves as always being bisexual, no matter who they are dating at the time. Bisexuals do exist and that’s a fact. Before you make up your mind to explore bisexual dating and reach out to bisexuals, you'd have to understand that bisexuality is a legit sexual orientation. If you're still under the impression that bisexuals are only going through a temporary phase, you're absolutely wrong.

The third tip is demonstrating complete trust in her. Just because she is also attracted to men does not mean that she is cheating on you. Just as in any other relationship, your bisexual female partner should not only be your lover, but also you best friend. Be honest with her and be open to sharing your innermost feelings and thoughts. It is normal to fight, but remember to forgive one another and iron out your differences so that they don't result in future conflict. Do not be critical, but communicate and be helpful towards one another. People are opening up to the idea of homosexuality and bisexuality, but the change isn't significant. A majority of the population continues to be skeptical about the idea of bisexual dating owing to the various myths surrounding it. Their relationships don't determine their identity: A bisexual woman dating a woman doesn't make her a lesbian. On the other hand, if she chooses to date a guy, she wouldn't be classified as straight. It all boils down to their personal preferences and whom they get along with.

The fourth tip to seducing bisexual women is ensuring you avoid certain controversial topics. You need to make sure you daily routines; job or occupation does not take the center stage. She should be the center of interest. Narrating your day to day duties and obligations is boring and is surely going to turn off women faster than you could ever imagine. Make sure you're not boring the woman to death or else she can simply walk away, and slip through your hands. Conversation is a key door opener for you and your quest to seduce this type of woman, so don't overdo it either. A mistake that can land you alone in your bed is simply by going with interesting theories or outlandish talk about what may or may not be true. You don't keep asking straight girls whether or not they're straight so why ask a bisexual woman the same? It is not only annoying but also shows you don't trust her. This isn't necessarily religion and politics but more in the realms of UFO Invasion or corruption of the hidden kind. It's hard to define what turns of women about this, but if they don't share you're enthusiasm about these things, you're going to strike out fast and hard. Note that bisexual women are not always into threesomes: Well, it is unfortunate that bisexuals are always associated with steamy threesomes. Bisexuality doesn't always link up to non - monogamous. Trust me if you bring up the topic of threesomes with a bisexual woman, your chances of landing a date would significantly decline. Even if you opt for online bisexual dating sites, don't assume she is into threesomes and make a proposal.

The fifth tip to consider is trying not to be over confident. Over confidence will kill you in seducing bisexual women. Do not think you're more than you are, but do not think that reservation about yourself will get you further. Modesty works to a certain extent but a sense of confidence goes above and beyond what you can normally do. Make sure that you don't get flustered or discouraged when trying to seduce any woman. If she sees you sweating it, she'll know something is up and recoil rather than melt into your arms. You need to make sure above all else that you do not use your regular tactics in pursuing this.

In a nutshell, you need to understand that bisexual women don’t automatically cheat by virtue of their sexuality. You can trust her just as much as any other girl. Just because she is likely to swing either way, doesn't mean she would cheat you in favor of a person from other sex. A lot of people feel insecure because of this reason and end up ruining their relationship. A bi woman doesn't need a girlfriend: If you're dating a bisexual woman, you don't have to worry about her getting along with other women. If you think bi women are free to get along with other women because it doesn't "count as cheating", you're mistaken. It is important to note that they're sure about their sexuality: While it might have taken them a fair bit of time to understand who they're actually attracted to, once they've confessed about it, means they're absolutely sure about it.