5 dating tips for bi woman who wanna date with woman

5 dating tips for bi woman who wanna date with woman

bi woman dating with a woman

If you are a bisexual female who are never dated with a woman, or almost no dating experience with the same. When you think about dating with bi woman, will you be nervous? Have you ever think that woman and woman’s dating tips are difference from woman and man‘s dating. Don’t worry, there 5 dating tips for bi woman who are want to date with woman.

1. Brave to put yourself in that position

Date is a romantic thing for everyone of us. Once you decide to join in the bisexual woman group, you should encourage yourself to date with woman, because it’s a different feeling compared with man. Dating is designed to satisfy our psychological and physical desires and to be happy. Put yourself in the right place, think about you are going in or who is got in. before you date with bi women, you have to know about that. We can't wait to lie in bed, then to discuss who plays the man, who plays the woman. think seriously about it.

2. Don't rush to get everything done for one night

When you take out your phone, open a bisexual dating app and choose a woman to chat with her for several minutes. Then you wanna to hook up with her tonight? This is totally unreasonable thoughts. Dating is a cognitive process, make people from strangers to familiar psychological changes. Please treat her more patiently. Don’t just think about hook up with her. Before you have fun with her, you should chat with her, when you know about each other, you are half successful. Then you can invite her to meet up with each other.

3. Let everything happen naturally

Adjust your dating mentality with tip 2. Now, we should get into tip 3 – let everything happen naturally. Be more patient. According to your dating goal, decide to what should you do next. If you wanna have a long-term relationship, you should spend more time to know your partner so that to look for a right person. If you just wanna have fun or hook up with someone, you can shorten the time relatively to know her, after chat with her, you judge that she is a nice person, you can decide to have fun with her. Just remember make everything happen naturally.

4. Ready to overcome fear which is not accepted by others

In our life time, we have to meet many times which be rejected. Don’t worry about it, I know there are many situations will be rejected. As long as you communicate with people, there is a risk of being rejected. The first chat was rejected, and the first time to invite someone to have fun was rejected, and so on. Be brave in the face of these situations, you will find the right person who enjoy to have fun with you. I have chat with many bisexual female, some of them rejected me. The most painful thing was when the first three times were rejected, and later became more and more brave. You reject me, I look for next partner, it’s an easy thing.

5. Do what you need to prepare in advance

Before you date with partner offline. You should prepare in advance. Especially your first kiss, first hook up. Some woman wanna have fun with sexy toy or dress sexy. And some bi woman wanna act man, some are wanna act woman. Different woman enjoys having fun with different way and place. So that you should know which way you like or which one is better for you. Or before you decided hook up with each other. Making a plan about how to make both of you feel happy. Talk about the way you favorite.


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