Bi couples are seeking woman for bisexual dating

Bi couples are seeking woman for bisexual dating

Bi couples are seeking woman for bisexual dating

If you're a bi couple, then it's understandable why you may be seeking a woman for a threesome. Here we're going to look in-depth as to why you might consider seeking out another bisexual female to have your threesome with. There are pros and cons to every situation, and this is one of them. You might stumble across the perfect woman and learn that she isn't bisexual. We'll also discuss what to do in those situations where a threesome could be enjoyable, even under less than ideal conditions.

Should you seek out a bisexual woman for a threesome?

The answer to that question is highly dependant upon the woman in the relationship. Does she have any at all bisexual tendencies? If not, then the woman you have a threesome with doesn't need to be bisexual. It might be best if she's straight as it will help avoid anything that might appear to be less than desirable to the female in the relationship. People are usually either bisexual or not. There isn't much middle ground when it comes to someone's attraction to a person of the same sex. If you're not attracted to them, then nothing is going to change your mind about that.

What should you do if the woman you're having a threesome with isn't bisexual?

If the woman in the relationship is bisexual and the person you're having a threesome with isn't, then you've got to make a decision. You're not going to be able to convince the woman to do anything with another woman. You might be able to beg and plead for them to give it a try, but that never ends well. A person is either into someone of the same sex or they are offended by the thought of it. If you come across someone who says they won't have sex with another woman, then it's time to make a choice. Do you still have the threesome and enjoy it or keep searching for a bisexual woman? That is a call only the two of you can make, and the decision you make is okay either way. There are solid arguments to be made on why you should or shouldn't go through with the threesome. If everyone is okay with her not being bisexual, then it's more than likely a good idea to continue with the threesome.

Do you seek out someone for a long term relationship or only a fling?

Well, this isn't an easy question to answer. It's probably best that you try to find someone to have multiple threesomes with. Why not try to have as much sex as possible? If you feel that it's going to be a one-time thing and everyone is cool with that idea, then go for it. Sometimes a quick fling is the right thing if you only want to spice up your sex life a little bit. You and your spouse may not want to take things beyond doing it one time. Sometimes once is enough to get something out of your system, and there's nothing wrong with that. Ask yourself what type of relationship do you want with the bisexual female and then try to find someone who meets your criteria.


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