Dating a Bisexual Girl

Dating a Bisexual Girl

dating a bisexual girl

People are opening up to the idea of homosexuality and bisexuality, but the change isn’t significant. A majority of the population continues to be skeptical about the idea of bisexual dating owing to the various myths surrounding it. However, if you wish to explore this segment of dating, there are a few things you’d have to bear in mind, in order to have a stable and healthy relationship. Here are a few tips that would help you out.

•Bisexuals do exist: before you make up your mind to explore bisexual dating and reach out to bisexuals, you’d have to understand that bisexuality is a legit sexual orientation. If you’re still under the impression that bisexuals are only going through a temporary phase, you’re absolutely wrong.

•Their relationships don’t determine their identity: a bisexual woman dating a woman doesn’t make her lesbian. On the other hand, if she chooses to date a guy, she wouldn’t be classified as straight. It all boils down to their personal preferences and whom they get along with.

•They’re not always into threesomes: Well, it is unfortunate that bisexuals are always associated with steamy threesomes. Bisexuality doesn’t always link up to non – monogamous. In case you use bring up the topic of threesomes with a bisexual woman, your chances of landing a date would significantly decline. Even if you opt for online bisexual dating sites, don’t assume she is into threesomes and make a proposal.

•They don’t cheat: You can trust her just as much as any other girl. Just because she is likely to swing either way, doesn’t mean she would cheat you in favor od a person from other sex. A lot of people feel insecure because of this reason and end up ruining their relationship.

•A bi woman doesn’t need a girlfriend: If you’re dating a bisexual woman, you don’t have to worry about her getting along with other women. If you think bi women are free to get along with other women because it doesn’t “count as cheating”, you’re mistaken.

•They’re sure about their sexuality: While it might have taken them a fair bit of time to understand who they’re actually attracted to, once they’ve confessed about it, means they’re absolutely sure about it. You don’t keep asking straight girls whether or not they’re straight so why as a bisexual woman the same? It is not only annoying but also shows you don’t trust her.

Bisexuals are not “confused”

People often have the perception that bisexual are in a perpetual state of confusion and are in a transitionary phase. It is often believed that they will either “turn” straight or “gay”. While it is normal to worry whether your bisexual partner will have feelings for another man or woman, it is not so because of his bisexual orientation. A straight man or woman in a relationship or a gay couple may fall out of love and look for comfort outside the precincts of marriage or relationships. That is true of bi couples too. If you have chosen to enter into a relationship with a bisexual partner, concentrate on being the best “you” and try and consolidate your relationship based on your feelings and not just the sexual orientation of your partner. If you’re on the lookout for genuine bisexual women, you may check out bisexual dating sites and reach out to like – minded bisexual and bi-curious singles from all over the world having something in common.


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