Do your family know that you are bisexual?

Do your family know that you are bisexual?

open-minded bisexual man datingDo you family know that you are bi? If the answer is yes. I am so happy for you. You do not worry about how shocked they are, and what the action they will do next second when they know you are a bisexual woman or bisexual man. Some open-mined parents accept their children’s sexual orientation. However, many parents can not accept the new sexual orientation so that bisexuals always keep the fact in their heart.

Galen is a bisexual on bisexual dating site. He is a straight man at their family and friends circle. He loves this kind of life, not only he can be a usual man in real life, but also he can talk with bisexual friends to feel relax. As the time goes by, he feels lonely. Yes, he is increasingly looking forward to having a partner with him in his real life. He doesn’t know what should he does. Every time he goes to the drawing room to tell the truth to his parents after dinner. He come back his living room. The closer he is to his parents, the less determination he has. I can feel the fear and anxiety. Since he had the idea that seek a partner to stay together with him, he cannot stop himself to think about it. As friends, I do not know how can I help him. At least, every family has different situation. I am a luck woman. My parents understand me and support me. Even though they misunderstood me with several mouths.

Later, I gave Galen some advises. Plan A is try to know his parents whether have rejection with LGBT person and guide them to read some news about lgbt. Tell the parents when they do not exclude bisexual. And plan B is an easy way. You should rent an apartment and move out to live. You can seek many bisexual partners who you love and have date with them in your apartment. This is a good idea, but not a best idea. Our aim is get support of our family. So I think plan A is better choice.

Now, Galen will make a decision because of he met a bisexual man lover on the bi dating site. I’m so happy for him. Hope him will get support from family. How about you? Do you have enough courage to come out in front of your parents and friends?


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