Embrace the 21 wonderful benefits to bisexuality(2)

bi woman1. For bisexuals, hugging will help to ward off stress and reduce disease.

We all know that stress will weaken our immune system, causing colds and other diseases. When our body tries to deal with stress situations, it becomes very weak.

Scientists have found the relationship between physical contact and healthy immune systems. In a 2015 study, several researchers from Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study of 404 healthy adults and found the effect of getting hugs on the immune system. Researchers tested their ability to resist the cold by the participants who were exposed to the virus.

The results found that people who received more hugs and higher levels of social support were less likely to get sick. In fact, the researchers found that the hugging pressure buffer effect explained 30% of the beneficial effects. And among those in the cold, those who have been hugged have reported fewer symptoms of the cold.

The researchers concluded that hugging is a way of providing support, and that being hugged by others can be an effective way to relieve stress and stress.

Note: hugs can help us fight against stress and make us healthier. For most people, LGBT pressure is greater than heterosexuals, which bisexual pressure is the largest. The public bias on bisexuals, resulting in bisexual psychological pressure even greater.

2. Hugs can enhance our immune system

Hugs can enhance our immune system. When you hug someone else, you are putting some mild pressure on their sternum, activating their veins of the sun and stimulating the thymus. This thymus stimulates the regulation and balance of the body's white blood supply, which helps to stay healthy.

A study in 2010 was published in the Development Review magazine, which showed that there was a certain relationship between exposure and healthy immune systems. The study found the effect of massage therapy, and that participants generally showed a decline in cardiac rhythm and blood pressure. They also found that exposure could lead to increased immune system, an increase in the number of white blood cells, and a decrease in cortisol.

Note: Hugs can enhance our immune system and make us healthier. Bisexual men and bisexual women, do not always be concerned about your sexual orientation, bravely embrace with friends.

3. Embrace can relieve stress

When we are under stress, our nerve endings will deliver information to the body to release the hormone cortisol. This hormone will delay the body to restore the process of trauma. Cortisol will stimulate the body to produce "war or escape" response, if not controlled, then the individual will produce a lot of physical illness. The study found that hugs can affect the body's cortisol levels, mainly through the promotion of the body after the production of posterior vesicles - a love hormone to achieve the impact of the role. Oxytocin because of its impact on behavior, also known as hugging hormones, embracing chemicals, moral elements and happy hormones, including its role in love and women's production.

When we get someone else's hug, the body releases a posterior oxytocin that makes us more calm, relaxed, and reduces stress levels. It also plays a role in the marginal system, such as the impact on the emotional center, raising our level of excitement, reducing our anxiety and reducing the level of pain in women in production. Matt Hertenstein, a psychologist at the DePauw University, describes posterior vasoconstrictor as a sense of promoting individual devotion, trust, and association, which binds the biological basis and links to the structure of others.

Note: Hugs can reduce stress levels by releasing posterior follicles that ease anxiety and promote social association. Bisexual couples, if you are in anxious, give each other a hug.


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