Embrace the 21 wonderful benefits to bisexuality(5)

bi womanHugs can relieve depressive symptoms of bisexual men and bisexual women

Embrace in addition to release oxytocin, it can also promote the body to produce dopamine. Dopamine as an excitatory hormone, it is the neurotransmitter that controls the brain reward and pleasure center. It can also control the individual's behavior and emotional response. It allows us to see the existence of rewards and to motivate us to take action to achieve them. Dopamine deficiency can lead to Parkinson's disease, and people with low dopamine activity may be more addictive.

Dopamine activity of the lower brain will lead to low energy characteristics of depression, and lack of motivation. In some cases, a person who is severely deprived of dopamine is even eager to commit a crime, but often can not do anything.

Scientists have discovered by MRI and PET scans that hugs the secretion of dopamine, a safer way to relieve depressive symptoms than drug therapy with multiple negative effects.

Note: hugs to enhance the level of dopamine in our body, reduce depressive symptoms, for gay, lesbian and bisexual, our dopamine levels will be lower than heterosexual people, we should be more comfort, embrace, encourage each other.

Hugs can reduce fears of death

As human beings, we all know that we will die from the end of the future. This is horrible for low self-esteem people, because they feel that they can not be meaningful to finish this life.

A series of studies on fear and self-esteem were published in journal journals in the journal of psychology, and researchers found that hugs and contacts can significantly reduce individual fear of death.

In a special study, the participants were asked to follow the university campus and filled out the questionnaire, and some participants gave the researchers a slight, open touch during the questionnaire, while others And there is no physical contact on the body.

The results showed that low self-esteem and access to other physical contact participants reported a lower level of anxiety about death compared to those who did not contact people.

The contact seems to have become a buffer for social alienation. Low self-esteem participants show that even when a slight physical contact is obtained, even if someone mentions death, there is no significant decline in social relevance.

This study shows that exposure has played a useful role in providing comfort and security for those who are living in depression and thinking about death.

Note: hugs can help individuals receive death and reduce our fear of death.

Hugs can help insomnia and anxiety treatment

Lack of sleep can cause a series of secondary health problems, thereby undermining the normal functioning of the body and increasing the risk of serious medical problems such as heart attacks. Studies have shown that sleeping cover with a weight of blankets helps to reduce insomnia and anxiety.

The heavier blanket is covered with plastic balls and weighs between 15 and 30 pounds. They relax the nervous system by extra weight, which is a point of view of deep contact theory. Deep touch pressure is the type of surface pressure that we feel when we touch, hold, attack others or when we play animals.

In popular terms, the blanket is like a warm hug to wrap your body. And the body is like a reply to the body contact to make the appropriate response, the brain also releases serotonin, so that the nervous system to relax, and thus allow individuals to enter a deeper, more quiet and comfortable sleep.

Occupational Therapy Mental Health An article published in 2008 showed that the weight of the blanket provided the patient with a safe and effective way to relieve anxiety. These results were confirmed by a 2012 study published by Australian Psychiatry, indicating that weighted blankets can effectively reduce individual stress and visible anxiety symptoms.

Note: Hugs can relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. In bisexual circles, especially low self-esteem bisexuals, they are too easy to feel anxious, no sense of security, if you meet these partners, please give them some hugs.


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