How can I meet a bi couple?

Valentine's DayFirstly, I want to declare that I do not like playing threesome, I am a bisexual man, I only want to make relationship with a bisexual couples. I don’t care how I know them. No matter through bisexual dating website or social platform or party and so on. I just want keep in touch with them and have fun with each other. Not only once time dating. That’s my purpose.

Okay, I introduce myself first. I am a bi man, 35. I come out when I was 31. I’ve been divorced when I come out two years later. Because of my wife can’t accept my sexual orientation. I’m so sorry with her, fortunately, her married again. And now, I want to have a relationship with someone. Especially bisexual couples or bi curious couples. I love both man and woman. Our relationship does not need recognized by law. I just want to have a date with bi couples as partner, and we can have different social circle. We can go to barbecue or beach and so on.

The important problem is coming. How can I meet bi couple who are want to look for partners? Had a chance to meet a bisexual consultant on a bisexual dating websites. She told some bisexual dating advice. Now I will share with many of yours like me.

Valentine's DayAt first, you should make sure you are bisexual or bi curious. Only to clear you sexual orientation, to find a right partner to your own. You don’t need to come out, you must to be sure your sexual orientation in your heart. When you meet someone you like you can tell her/him instead of just choose one careless. It’s important for yourself to meet a right person later. You’d better do it seriously.

Second, you should make sure which one you look for. Bi man? Bi woman? Bi couple? Bi curious? In your heart, there would be a perfect partner. Even if you were a bisexual, it’s possible for you to love both man and woman, in your heart deeply, you must have an ideal partner or sexy partner. Now which you should do is that listen to your inner voice and find the most important kind of person for you. If you were sure a kind of people you love, it would be easier to you when you look for your partner.

Third, you should make sure which relationship you want to have. Just for have sex with someone or want have a serious relationship with someone. This is also a question that you should talk to your heart. Do not break your heart. Follow it. And sure that which relationship you want. If you just want to play with others you’d better not to look for people who are want to have a serious relationship. Do not hurt them.

Then, you can choose a way to meet someone who you want to look for. If you want to look for a bisexual woman, you should go to visit bi-woman’s website, on the contrary, you should go to bi-man’s dating site. And still has romantic bisexual dating site for have fun, in these dating website only have fun or have sex with others without true love. And many bisexual dating site are including bisexual singles and bi couples and bi curious. You can choose any one you love.

These four steps or questions are important for you to have a perfect dating with someone. Take every step seriously. Because I found a bi couple and made a serious relationship for them through these steps. We are so happy with each other.

Have a good date for every bisexual and bi curious.