Is it possible that straight boy become bisexual man?

Is it possible that straight boy become bisexual man?

bisexualityWhat is bisexual? What is bisexual man? What is straight? Who defined the category? Is it possible for straight become bisexual man? There are many questions in our minds.

Lambert is a boy from California. When he was young, he knew that mother, father and himself is a family. That is to say woman and man with baby is a right match. When he was a teenager, he found the body has changed, and the sound changed. He began to pay attention to girls. Especially their boobs and ass. One day, he fell in love a girl who were next to the class when he was in high school. He began to pursue the girl by all ways which he knew. After a month, the girl accepted Lambert’s love. They were together with each other. First love is the most beautiful and simple. It’s also the most immature relationship. With high school graduation, they went to different cities on the university, they broke up.

After the summer vacation, he went to college. He chosen to major in psychology, he believes that psychology is a very wonderful professional. He was particularly obsessed with gender psychology. In order to help him study, he also joined the school's gay community. In the group, he recognized many friends, of course, they are gay. They organize activities such as barbecue, camping, skating, and so on. At the same time, the community will also be on some lessons to help you correctly understand themselves, have the confidence to face their own sexual orientation. As well as psychological counseling activities to help the inferiority of the members to find their self-confidence. Of course, the most important thing is that they want to organize a dating party to help everyone know the partner. Lambert joined some dating party. The longer he got along with gay friends, the more he wanted to get to know them and know all about them. He began to consciously make boyfriend with gay, he just wanted to have a try to feel the feelings.

The plan is always catching up with changes. With the longer he got along with his boyfriend, he found himself more love boyfriend than before. This is a strange psychological change process, when Lambert has been deeply in love with his boyfriend, he was aware of this problem. But it’s too late. He loved his boyfriend. He wanted do anything what couples should do.

Lambert stared pay attention to his own mental state. However, there is a question in his mind, is he a bisexual?

How did you think from Lambert’s growth experience? Do you think he is a bisexual? Many people think that the answer is Yes. But they hold different reason. Someone think that bisexuals have features to love both woman and man. Lambert loved a girl when he was young, the difference is that he does not know he will love a man afterwards. He just does not find he is a bisexual man.

Another people think that Lambert is a straight at the beginning. But then he became bisexual. So they think it is possible for straight man become bisexual man.


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