Married couple dating with bisexual

Married couple dating with bisexual

best bisexual dating siteMany married couples are bi couples, gay couple, lesbian couple so that they have a dream that’s to have a date with bisexual. Some couples want to have a three way with bisexual woman, and some others want to have a date with bisexual man. We know the bi couple’s relationship, look like threesome relationship. In the bisexual circles, some couples are looking for partner for FWB, and some are seeking partner to keep a long relationship.

No matter which one way, we know that bisexual couples need a partner to have a romantic date instead of boring double sex. Some gay couple enjoy joining in the best bisexual dating site to find a bisexual girl to join them. There is a survey shows that in the same sex love, compared with lesbian couple, gay couple more willing to have a three way. Some married gay couples do not mind to have a try threesome dating. They would like to invite a woman join them for fun.

And only a small number of lesbian couples decide to seek a man as their partner. Different people with different opinion. Many of LGBT people are open-minded. But everyone’s understanding of open-minded is different. Like straight people think that lesbian couples are open-minded person. Bi couples think that lesbian couples are not enough open-minded person. Anyway, in my opinion, threesome dating or called three way is a romantic relationship to help couples get more happiness, to have a try another experience on sex behavior.

There are still many bisexual couples enjoy joining in some bisexual dating sites to seek a bisexual woman or bisexual man to help them get the different happiness. There was a bi couple told me that they found a bi woman due to wife is a bisexual, and husband was loved to help wife get a same sex relationship. At the same situation, I believe every husband would like to meet a bi woman partner for wife. Cause he also can have a romantic relationship with them.

I firmly believe that there is no right or wrong in the world, as couple, if you think that third one help you more love each other and both of you are enough open-minded, you can seek a partner to keep a threesome relationship. If you do not think so, you just enjoy your life with your family.


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