Professor Colin Riordan come out as bisexual

Professor Colin Riordan come out as bisexual

bisexualityMaybe you have seen the news, professor Riordan from Cardiff University come out as bisexual. This is a good news for LGBT people. The important thing is not only he come out as bisexual, but also the background of coming out help many bisexual people face their sexual orientation bravely.

Pro Riordan said, he never hided his was a bisexual man, but he did not think it’s necessary to mention it. Now he decided to tell all colleagues he is a bisexual after think twice. Pro Riordan regretted missing bi-visibility day. He felt it’s time to announce his sexual orientation and encourage bisexuals to recognize themselves.

I have to say, there are some positive meaning with Pro Riordan come out. Firstly, for the school, he used his own actions to support the school LGBT group. After him, colleagues began to bravely recognize themselves and face their most true sexual orientation. Someone come out as bisexual, someone come out as gay, someone come out as lesbian. For schools, this is a historic advance.

Secondly, for the community, the professor's practice gave the bisexual group a great encouragement. As headmaster, his social status can not be ignored. The recognition of LGBT by the education industry means that society is more inclusive of LGBT people.

For Pro Riordan, before he was come out, there are someone thought he was a straight, another thought he was homosexual, even though someone told him there were no bisexuality in the world. Pro Riordan felt worried about this misunderstanding. This is one of the reasons he chose to come out. At the same time, he also told peoples, there are bisexuals people in the world- that’s he is.

When all of us think Pro Riordan is a brave man, he did not think so. He admitted that he would never do such a thing at the workplace two decades ago, he would think it is stupid behavior. Now is a new era, people are more inclusive of the LGBT people.


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