Talk to bi curious(one)

bisexual dating websitesBi curious is interested in the opposite sex at the same time, but also curious about the same sex. It can be said that both men and women they want to try. They are not bisexual. They just curious. So we held a bi curious chat room to help us to understand bi curious people and let bi curious tell us some of their distress and pleasure.

Anne is a bi curious, she accepted our interview.

Q: How do you find yourself being bi curious?

A: At the beginning of I think I was a straight, Yes, I was. I fell in love with a boy in my class when I was in college. I spend a lot of time to pursue him at that time. I got him. We were in love, we study together every day, to travel or participate in outdoor activities when the holidays. When I was 22, I meet a girl on a friend’s party, she dressed like a boy. We had much to talk about. After the party, we left each other's contact information, hope to have the opportunity to meet again. Later, when we free, we always chat with coffee, or do something. And one day, she told me that she love me, I think we are best friends, I was shocked. I did not respond to her, but from then on when we were together, the mood was always a little different. And now I think I accept her sexual orientation, and I want have try something new. Of course, I love my boyfriend very much. So I think I am a bit of bi curious.

Q: Do you have sex with the girlfriend? Do you wanna have the experience?

A: No, I don’t have. Honestly, I have imagined. But I will soon stop my thoughts. She always stay with me, and she know I have boyfriend. I don’t know how I should do. I love my boyfriend and do not want to give up girlfriend. Both them are important for me.

Q: You boyfriend know the thing?

A: No. He don’t know. I am afraid to tell him. And I’m so sorry with him. The most important thing is that, I am not sure who I am. I don’t know I am a straight or bi curious.

Q: So now the most critical question is, you want to determine your sexual orientation. And then can do other things. As bisexual chat room, we suggest you boldly try to determine your sexual orientation.

A: Thank you, I will consider.