Talk to bi curious(one)

bisexual dating websitesThrough the last interview with Anne, we suggested that she boldly try bi curious dating. Today, we interview Anne again, listen to her talk about the situation.

Q: Hi. Anne, how are you?

A: fine. Thanks. I had a wonderful experience.

Q: Wow, sounds awesome. I can’t wait to listen to you to share with me.

A: Okay. Let me calm down first. I told my boyfriend the truth when I got home last talked with you. He was so calm down without any words. I was scared, cause I was afraid to lost my boyfriend. I love him really. In the morning of next day, he told me that he knew B (my girlfriend) love me, and I did not refuse her. He expressed his understanding of my feelings. He knew that my mood was complicated. So he encouraged me to try to interact with B, but could not give him up. To be honest, in my heart I was so grateful to him, because he never gave me up. I found I love him deeply and deeply. But in my heart there is still an attempt to interact with the opposite sex impulse.

Q: So, you still decide to try homosexuality, were you?

A: Yes. I did it. It’s amazing. In fact, three of us make relationship with each other now. I feel happy and my boyfriend are feeling happy, too.

Q: So I'm curious about your relationship now. Could you tell me?

A: My pleasure. I wanna share all my experiences about sexual orientation for you. Now we have long-term sexual relations. In daily life, my boyfriend and I are normal couple relationship. B is as our sexual partner.

Q: B and your boyfriend have sex, too?

A: Yes. Three of us do it together.

Q: Do you think have sex with boyfriend or B, which one is more appealing to you?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. When I with B, I think it’s Irritated and crazy. When I with boyfriend, it’s beautiful. They different feelings. I can’t make a decision. I choose both of them.

Q: So, now, do you make sure your sexual orientation?

A: Yeah, of course. I think I am a bisexual. It’s not shame. I am so happy with my boyfriend and girlfriend. My boyfriend are happy, too. Because he can enjoy different woman. I guess.

Q: Congratulations. You solved your problem and got a happy life, especially about sex.

A: Thanks. Thanks for your help.

Q: You’re welcome. Contact with us if you have some problem with sex, woman and man. We will offer professional advice for you by our bisexual dating site.