The "intimate proposal" before sex

bisexual dating websitesOften men complain about the female partner asked too much, in fact, many actions before sex can play a close relationship. Recently, the United States, "Women's Health" magazine published, inventory of the sex therapist given the sex before the "close proposal."

Mutual staring. In the companion love phase, may wish to stare each other. Sexual and Marriage Educator Dr. Laura Berman calls this practice "soul gaze". She said, staring at each other's eyes, the two sides take a deep breath 10 times, help both sides feel the moment, bring positive sex.

Browse for both of your photos. May wish to spend time before sex to see the two photos, memorable moments. Sex and marriage therapist Dr. Ian Kerner said that this way will make sex become a celebration, but also help to enhance the positive view of marriage.

bisexual dating websitesShare the desire fantasy. Expand the topic of sex communication, help to enhance sexual enthusiasm. If the partner is part of their sexual fantasies, imagine two perfect sex picture will enhance the two "sex masters" consciousness.

Massage each other. Slow down the rhythm, spend more time to massage each other, explore each other's body. The two sides put more effort and behavior to mobilize each other, sex will become a better way to improve contact. This sense of tightness will be "sexual intercourse" and "sex" distinction, help feelings sublimation.

Affectionate Snooze and not only apply to sex after. Kerner said that before sex, spend time hugging each other, can promote the release of oxytocin, it will enhance the sense of intimacy with the companion.