What did you feel have sex with bisexual partner for the first time?

bisexual womanDid you have date with someone? Did you have sex with someone? What did you feel have sex with bisexual partner for the first time? The first is forever memorize for everyone. For some bisexuals, we have two first time.

We have a tendency to fall in love with woman and man. It is possible for us to have sex with bi woman and bi man. Of course, with different person are different feeling. Both have sex with bisexual woman and bisexual man for the first time, we all think it as the first time. It’s very precious.

I had sex with a man for the first time, of course I don’t know I am bi when I did something with him. And I’m a woman. That experience was wonderful. He was my boyfriend, when we in high school. After we were in relationship two years ago. We went to camping with several friends on a mountain in our town on weekend. That night we did not go home. We had a small party with some beer. We play late into the night. I went to our tent with my boyfriend. Only two of us in the tent, with the role of alcohol, we see each other are different. Suddenly want to try something new. He kissed me, then we kissed each other. Finally we are two naked in the tent. It was a wonderful and painful night. I felt my boyfriend’s strong.

bisexual woman

Few years later, I broken up with my boyfriend. Life becomes simple. My daily life was to work, go home, and play with friends. So I met R, she is a wonderful woman. Later I learned that she was a bisexual. When I know the fact, we have been best friends. And you know, she said that she was fall in love with me. I was surprised. I didn’t know which I love her. I only knew that I like stay with her. After I knew she was bisexual woman, I was not stay away from her. Instead, I was more concerned about her feelings, when talking about sexual orientation, I pay attention to the words. I’m afraid to hurt her. Gradually, I found that I fell in love with her. So we make sure our relationship. We stayed together with each other. One day, I had sex with R. it’s amazing. Have sex with woman are big difference with man. She is very gentle, whether she was kissing me, or touching me. Until today, we still stay with each other. She love me, and I love her. Not only spiritual love, but also physical love.

I’m so happy I have different experience with sex. Two times of them are important for me. And now, I think I am a bisexual woman. Because I think I can love some guys. However, I know, I have lover. I will be loyal to her.