What is bisexual?

bisexual dating websitesWhat is bisexuality? Most people are almost ignorant of the bisexual world. And it is because of this do not understand, which led to people always have a lot of bisexual interrogation, which is different from fear of AIDS and homosexual social discrimination, but a simple curiosity and ignorance. So, when you read the following information about bisexualism, perhaps you can learn more about bisexual groups.

Bisexuality is a sexual tendency or behavior that means not only for a single sex (both for males and females) that tend to be afflicted and easily attracted by their bodies. It is one of the three major sexual predispositions, with homosexuality, homosexual tendencies. According to the American National Health and Behavior Study, women have bisexual tendencies higher than men.

bisexual dating sitesPeople may think that bisexuality is only a sexual orientation of the instability and swing, that this is a train in the end of the fork before the end. But that is not the case, sexual orientation is not a multiple choice. Bisexuals both like men and women, and this is not temporary.

People think bisexuality is happy, because they have more than double the opportunity to meet their favorite people. It is not the case that bisexuals spend most of their time by spending time and effort to face discrimination and doubt in society.

Some people will think that bisexuality will be attracted by people around the world, because they love both men and women. This is obviously the wrong view, if that is the case, then this person really tired.

Some people think that bisexuality will play two opposite roles in sex, so they are more confusing. But do you think they are Gemini? In fact, sexual life and sexual orientation are two different things, they are not necessarily closely linked.