What will happen when a straight married with a bisexual?

What will happen when a straight married with a bisexual?

bisexual dating sitesAs straight, do you ever think about that you will get married with a bisexual person? As a bisexual, do you ever think about that you will get married with a straight? If the straight is you, what you will deal with? Will you become a bi couple with your husband or wife? And if the bisexual is you, will you give up another sex experience and be loyal with your family? Or you choose to change the sexual orientation of your husband or wife.

There is a couple, wife is a bisexual woman, and husband is a straight. The begging of the wife did not realize that herself is a bisexual. She found the truth in the time to attend a woman party. And something happened. After that, she did not know she looked like a bi curious woman. And she did not have the courage to come out. Because she not sure which is her sexual orientation.

When two people stay with each other for a long time, we always could have some different feelings when another one has changed in some ways. There is no doubt that the husband found his wife are different, but do not know why he had the strange feelings. He took his wife to a bar with quiet music one day. Yes, he intends to chat with his wife, this is a communication from the heart, he loved her wife and do not hope his wife have any secret to him. He knew his wife was upset at that time, but he did not know the reason.

When they come to the bar. The husband ordered two cups of cocktails, this is his wife favorite drink. After several cups of drink, they began to talk. He wanted to guide his wife to tell her own problems or unhappy, to avoid abruptness, he began to recall their happy life before marriage and the happy family after married. As well as to express his love for his wife and willing to make decision of sharing with her about all the happiness and unhappiness.

As wife, she knew she can not deceive her husband. And she knew that her husband wanted to know what happened. She was very uneasy to tell her husband that may be her sexual orientation has changed. She did not sure she was a bisexual woman or bi curious woman.

From here, the story reached a climax, the most important thing is her husband’s view. shocked? surprised? unacceptable? We do not know the mood of his time, we only know that he opened his mouth very big. We do not know how he made a psychological struggle, and finally accepted the sexual orientation of wife.

After a while, his wife told us that they are very happy now. They had a girlfriend. Every time a while, the three of them will be dating once. For husband, this is a threesome dating. For wife, they are bi couple, this is a bisexual dating. That’s perfect for them. For you, what will you deal with the relationship?


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