When wife found that bisexual husband was dating with someone new

When wife found that bisexual husband was dating with someone new

have a date with the manAs a woman, I never allow my husband have date with third. I had never imagined that what would happen when I found my husband was dating with someone new. If your husband was bisexual, what will you deal with the situation. We know that both bisexual man and bisexual woman want to have a date with both female and male. The feeling is the same as a straight man like a girl and want to have sex with her. For wife, how should she choose to help husband or say no?

Lily and Dan have met the situation. They are married for 11 years. Fortunately, Lily knew that Dan is a bisexual male before they married. Dan told the real sexual orientation to Lily. Unexpectedly, Lily still got married with Dan. They love each other very much. With the time goes on, Dan is more eager to have date with bi man. Of course, he loves her wife very much. A bisexual male always wants to get the gentle touch from another man. He met a bi man on a bisexual dating site. They talked with each other so fun, and both of them lived in Los Angeles. Dan really want to have a date with the man, but there were two voices saying to him. One voice said: “Just do it, you need a romantic dating with man.” And another voice said: ”Stop your thoughts now! Do you want to betray your wife?” Dan felt so sad. He did not know how to do it.

That time, Lily found Dan was different from before. He looked unhappy. Lily tried to talk with Dan. Caused she didn’t what problem make Dan unhappy. After they talk with each other several times later, Dan told the truth to Lily. His body always called him to find a man dating. But his brain told him, he should be loyal with Lily. Lily was so surprised. Dan was such a good guy always loyal to her. She decided to give him a surprise, to help Dan have a romantic dating with a bisexual man. Lily quietly linked to Dan’s friends on the bisexual dating website. And she talked with him and told him about her husband and her plan which was invite the man to have a date with Dan. Of course, the man said Yes. He liked Dan.

The plan started. Lily prepare a romantic dinner. After Dan come home, he was surprised, but he didn’t know the bigger surprise. Lily let Dan go to de guest room. When he opened the door, he was so surprised. That’s his bi man partner. They have a happy dinner together. After dinner, Lily give them enough time to talk with each other. As all we know, them will have a happy date in the near future.


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