Who are the luck guy you told him you were bisexual at first?

Who are the luck guy you told him you were bisexual at first?

bisexual dating sitesIn general, when we found we were bisexual, we do not hope others know that. We think it is shamed to tell others about our alternative sexual orientation—bisexual woman or bisexual man. However, there are always someone appear in front of you, you trust him and share your secret to him. He was the luck guy who knew you are bisexual at first.

Someone told the mom about he was being a bisexual. There is a girl that she come out when she was 25. In order to hide the secret she felt so tired. On that time, she had a girlfriend after she broken up with boyfriend. After that, she realized that she was a bi curious woman or bisexual woman. Fortunately, she have a friends with different role—her mom. Both of them have two different relationships. Mom and daughter, best friends. Her mom knew all about her experiences, pleasure, and sadness. Mom would like to tell her some stories about when she was young. She hopes her daughter is a happy angel. Sexual orientation is an only thing that she did not know how to share with her mom. It’s painful to hide the secret to an important person. One day, she made a decision she had to tell her mom she was a bisexual woman and had a girlfriend. After she told the truth to the mom. She was shocked, and mother did not make a reaction within the opposition. She just told that she hoped her feel happy.

Someone told to his friends online. Some people are introverted. They are more reluctant or not to tell the secret to others, especially the problem of sexual orientation, such as gay, lesbian, and bisexual. For them, it is very private thing so that it is shy to tell others. However, we know that, it’s so tired for us to hide a secret in our heart. So this kind of people have to find a way to share their secrets with other. The most important thing is not who hear the secret, but they said the secret. So the only way to share the secret is that tell the stranger friends online. To avoid the fear when talking face to face, but also admitted that he is bisexual man. The most important thing is to have no effect on your own life. That’s why some shy people are pleasure to tell their secrets with friends online instead of their real friends.

Sometime, maybe we will think that some secrets are shamed to tell others so that we are very painful to keep secrets in our heart. In fact, after we share it with others, we will find that others are not as frightening as we thought. Even though like you told others I am a bisexual, I like bisexual date, and I have joined in a bisexual dating site. In my opinion, I think you should find a way to share your secret, especially when you are bisexual, gay or lesbian. If you do not share your kind of secrets, there will be pain and unhappiness. Is not our goal to be a happy person? So, who are the luck guy you told him you were bisexual at first?


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