You do not know the benefits of "hug" for bisexuals(1)

bi womanFor centuries, with the development of cultural values and new technological changes, the various forms of contact between people have become less and less.

Today, 24 hours anytime, anywhere using mobile phones, send and receive messages and e-mail, many people in the electronic social media exchange time is far more than face to face communication. Especially for bisexuality, every day to close up their own, can only pass the time on the Internet. There is less and less contact with people in reality. The lack of face-to-face contact has many effects on the different aspects of our lives and can cause people's sense of loneliness, isolation and insecurity.

So, why is physical contact so important to us?

In general, we think that contact is a pleasure, and did not put it in the life of the primary position. But the truth tells us that contact will affect what we buy, what to eat, what love, and even affect how we cure ourselves. Most of the bisexual more humble, in the face of life is relatively negative, we need some things to change the attitude of our team life.

Each of us uses our own sense of contact to obtain information about the environment and to establish social ties with each other.

Many studies conclude that touching, especially hugs, gives us a lot of health benefits.

If you want to find a way to promote your immune system, lower your stress level, improve your sleep quality, and even cure your depressive symptoms, you may need to consider embracing embrace others.

Hugs have no side effects and do not require any prescription. More importantly, it is free, and you can give it at any time any place or get it.

There are 21 reasons to tell you why you should embrace others every day and allow yourself to be hugged by others.


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