Bi curious meetup with bi couples

Bi curious meetup with bi couples

bi curious hook up with bi couples

With the more and more bisexual come out from straight, lesbian and gay group. Someone can not define their own sexual orientation. They become bi-curious people who are interested in bisexual dating and bisexual experience. And no matter straight couples or bisexual couples, many of them are willing to have a try threesome relationship, or call it bi couples dating.

When bi curious meetup with bi couples, what will happen? Psychologically speaking, bi curious people are interested in bisexual and the way of bisexual dating. They have the desire to join in bi couple dating to try something new. They usually want to meet bi couples who have been dated with threesome so that can help bi curious get the romantic dating. Open relationship has many ways to have fun. But for bi curious who never have an open relationship, they will feel nervous, so they need help from partner.

Bi couples who want to control the dating, it’s great for them to meet a bi curious partner. They do not have experiences and really want to have a try threesome dating. Are there any bi couples are willing to help bi curious? In general, compared bi curious with bi couples, bisexual couples more like to join in threesome relationship. Open relationship has been more and more popular. Couples more like to find a partner to have a three way or have a swinger dating.

I used to study bisexuality. I was interested in sexual orientation of bisexuality. With the deepening of the research, I increasingly want to understand everything about them. I'm addicted to bisexuality and want to feel their life status and situation. I decided to join in them. Firstly, I treat myself as bi curious. How can I do that? I joined in some bisexual club and some bisexual dating site to talk with bisexuals and bi couples. Sometimes, I would have a date with them. For my first date with a couple. The wife is a bisexual and husband is a straight man.

We have met on a bisexual dating app. I said that I want to look for a bi couple to have fun. And they were looking for a woman to have a threesome relationship. After talked with each other, we like each other. And we were lived in the same city - Oakland. We agreed to meet at a bar in the afternoon. I dressed a red skirt and high heels with light makeup. I ordered a glass of vodka to wait them. I focused on the door and tried my best to find their presence. I had seen their photos and should recognize them. When a couple came in, I felt my face was hot. Women are more stunning than my imagination. Men are tall and muscular, and hot. I waved to them. They came to me and ordered two glasses of wine. We started chatting after a brief introduction of ourselves.

I told them my hobbies, professional, and why do you start to become bi curious. And my daily life. They shared with me how a woman came out as bisexual. A series of interesting things like how they started dating with others. After a while, men invited us to dance. With the music, I twisted my head and ass, while dancing with women, while dancing with men. After 3 hours, we decided to leave. We find a romantic hotel.

After entering the room, I told them I go to take a bath first. I thought they should stay with each other without me for several minutes. After bathing, I wrapped bath towel out of the bathroom,there is no clothes inside. Then the woman to take a bath, the bedroom only me and the hot man. I poured three glasses of wine and handed a glass to the man. Before the woman came out, I kissed the man. He was so hot that I can not wait to do something to him. For man, I have some experiences. When I heard the woman come out soon. I was a little nervous. Cause I never dating with a woman and we will have sex with each other. I can not stop me from getting nervous.

After she come out with bath towel, I handed her a glass of wine. A woman's intuition is very sharp, she saw my anxiety. She took me to sit on the bed and her husband went to the bathroom. She looked at me, like saying to me “I want you.” Then her lips approached me slowly. We are kissed with each other, the feeling is different, it’s soft, and really different with man. She hugged me and laid me down. We kissed with each other, she kissed my mouth, chin, neck. It’s so exciting. But I am still a little shy. I tried to enjoy the special sex. The man came out from the bathroom when we were addicted to each other's body.

He joined us. He touched both of us, and kissed his wife. After a minute, there are three naked in the bed. The two of them are always active, I am passive. I don’t know why, maybe I was shy, maybe because of I don’t have enough experience. When woman have fun with me, the man only touched us and kissed us. That’s felt amazing. After we finished, the man went to flirt with his wife for a while, then turned back to look at me. I knew, second fun was coming. The same way as his wife, touch and kiss. Then enjoy the every second.

After dating, I leaved the hotel. I always remember the scene that day. It’s different, amazing and unforgettable. Until now, a month later, we did not contact each other, I do not know if I should contact the bi couples. Every time I got through the bar I remember them. Fine. I miss them. Maybe I miss the feeling of bisexual couples dating like threesome.


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