Are straight singles and bisexual woman true love?

Are straight singles and bisexual woman true love?

bisexual dating sitesAre straight singles and bisexual woman true love? Maybe in someone’s mind, they think that singles will never get happiness from bi woman. Because it’s possible for bi woman fall in love with both male and female.

Those people who hold this view think. In straight people life, when a man lived together with a woman, that’s means the woman is loving the man. With the time goes on, woman will fall in love with another man. And man may fall in love with another woman. For straight person, they only will love the opposite sex people. For bisexual people, not only they will love male, but also will love female. They have higher chance of falling love with others. So that, someone think, there will be no true love when a straight single with bisexual woman.

As far as I am concerned, this is a totally wrong view. No matter who we are. Straight people, gay, lesbian and bisexual must meet someone they love. We never know who are the most lover we have met. Our consciousness requires us to pursue the people we love. This is human nature. A straight woman maybe, her husband may be her sixth boyfriend. She had also deeply love her 5 friends, and now she love her husband. And she thinks that she will love her husband for a lifetime. Only God knows they will divorce or not! A bisexual woman may be love her first girlfriend throughout her life.

There is bisexual woman, she met her girlfriend on a bisexual dating site. Actually, her girlfriend is straight. She was very curious about bisexual, so that she joined a bi dating site. she talked with bisexual woman and bisexual man. Gradually, she found a woman was so cute and very concerned about her. Sometime, the woman looks like a man to help her when she was unhappy. Over the long period of time, she found she fell in love with the bisexual woman. They decided to have a date. The feeling of them were great. Their friendship has become more and more concentrated. Finally, the girl chose to love the bisexual woman. And now they were married for 3 years.


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