Dating with bi woman according to characteristics of bisexuals

bi womanArrival orgasm is very happy for women, for bi woman is also very important. In life, we always need sex. Whether you are straight or gay, lesbian, or bisexual. The source of the Brazilian passion lies in the exploration and innovation of sex: about one in three people often use sex toys, 77% of people will try fresh sex position or way. Many women believe that this can make themselves more sexy, confident, and thus improve the level of sexual pleasure.

Israel: women take the initiative to request

A survey of 14840 Israeli women showed that 72 percent of people had reached a climax in their last sex, and 71 percent knew how to make a need in sex - an indication that Israeli women knew how to meet their feelings.

Israelian journalist Maya Shen Na introduced that over the past 20 years, Israeli women have become more and more active, which is related to the popularity of sexual knowledge. Now more and more women regard sex as a way to relieve stress and dominate their own lives. In Tel Aviv, many women will go together to sex shop to buy things, female mini-oscillator is to become their "good friend".

Brazil: dare to try a variety of positions

"Women's Health" magazine survey found that the source of Brazilian passion lies in the exploration of sex and the spirit of innovation: nearly 1/3 of people often use sex toys, 77% of people will try fresh sex position or way. Many women believe that this can make themselves more sexy, confident, and thus improve the level of sexual pleasure.

Brazilian University of São Paulo School of Medicine Associate Professor Camita Abu Duo has been on the sexual behavior of the people conducted three more comprehensive investigation. "The Brazilians are not biased in their sexuality, are willing to innovate and try, and it is easy for the partners to communicate and to reach a consensus on the greatest degree of joy." But the Brazilians did not indulge. 70% of Brazilian women believe that "the greatest sexual satisfaction comes from a close and committed relationship."

bi womanMore unique is that the famous Brazilian sexologist Marta Su Pu Li Xi in 2001-2004 served as mayor of Sao Paulo, which in other countries there is no precedent, which can also be seen in Brazil to accept sexual Not in general.

"There is an old saying in Rio de Janeiro, who can 'go crazy' husband and wife, have a good marriage, and I think this is the highest rating of the couple's relationship," said Camita Abduo.

Sweden: 60% of women often orgasm

61% of Swedish women in sex, often enjoy the climax, while the world average of less than 40%. Swedish women with high quality of life, and the country's universal access to sex education.

The Swedes began to receive sex education from elementary school, and at the age of seven, they went to sex. In the middle school stage, young people can elect "kissing class" and understand the correct attitude towards sex, such as clear their own sexual consciousness, master the skills of kissing. In college, young people can take courses on sexuality, sexual skills, love, sexual dysfunction, contraception and miscarriage.

Ilva Franceson is a coach in Stockholm, who specializes in helping women achieve orgasm, and has published "more climax". She pointed out that the Swedes began to understand their understanding of biology, and that many people, after leaving the campus, are still committed to improving their "sex." For example, in recent years, the Swedish bookstore selling books, many are on sexual health or sexual health. Such as "gynecological Bible: a gynecologist pussy clinical practice", introduced a lot of female health knowledge, and how to stimulate female sexual organs to get orgasm.

In the "High School Weekly Symposium" held in Franson, adult women often get together to exchange experiences of each other and answer questions for others. Among them are 20-year-old young girls, there are 65-year-olds. How to find G points, how to turn their own sexual fantasies into reality, are the hot spots to discuss.

Perhaps we should learn from these three countries to improve our own happiness index for bisexual woman.