Why males enjoy looking for local bi couples

Why males enjoy looking for local bi couples

local bi couples

Did you know quite a few guys are searching for local bi couples? There are, and it’s something of a trend lately. Guys are exploring their bisexuality like never before. There was once a time when a man felt as if this was a side of him that needed to be closed off from the rest of society. That’s not the case anymore, and guys are freer than ever to allow their bisexuality to roam free. The internet makes it possible, and it also allows guys to hook up with couples. Women are now okay with the idea of their husband inviting a guy in the sack for a threesome as long as she gets to participate in the fun.

Are there bi couples near me?

You better believe there are! Every day new couples are placing their profile on the internet. Some of these couples are seeking bisexual guys like yourself for threesomes or even more. It’s not unheard of for the boyfriend or husband to want to be in a relationship with a guy. If you only want a threesome, then tell the couple right away what your intentions are. Those who are seeking something more permanent need to say so. Couples aren’t mind readers, and they won’t know if you want something more than a fling in the bedroom.

Are girlfriends and wives really okay with this sort of thing?

Let’s be honest and say that some aren’t. There are plenty of guys who are in bisexual relationships behind their spouse’s backs. That’s never a good thing, and you shouldn’t ever be a part of a relationship like that. Any relationship that is based on lies is going to hurt you in the end. It will only work if you see the guy as a casual sex hookup and nothing else. If you’re seeking fulfillment, then you’re not going to find it with a guy who is cheating on his wife. You’d think that this would be common sense, but it isn’t when emotions get involved.

Honest couples are the ones you’re seeking out

A guy needs to be honest with his wife and tell her that he has feelings for other men. Some of those feelings are sexual and nothing else. It’s when a guy can be completely honest with his woman that great sex can occur. Many women these days don’t mind if their husband has sex with another man in the bedroom. The primary concern that women have is that sex is happening behind their backs. If a threesome is involved, then nothing is happening behind the woman’s back. She knows everything that’s happening and is a willing participant in all of it.

Invest some money in a box of condoms

It’s a good idea to wrap it up if you’re having sex with a man that you don’t know. It’s equally a good idea if somehow you end up having sex with his wife as well. Get yourself a box of condoms and take them with you for your threesome. It’s a small investment that can protect you from diseases and unwanted pregnancy.


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