Embrace the 21 wonderful benefits to bisexuality(6)

bi womanEmbrace can improve the quality of life. Whether it is gay couples, or bisexual couples, embrace each other are good. Researchers at the University of Mississauga in Toronto tested the correlation between sexual behavior (kissing, hugging and talking) and sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction. The Sexuality Archives published these two studies, conducted an online test of 335 individuals and a 21-day interview with 101 couples.

In an online survey, participants reported that, on average, they entered into a deep-seated state of behavior after sex, and the process lasted nearly fifteen minutes. While the couple in the second study were asked to embrace more than fifteen minutes.

Studies show that willing to spend more time with their partners are more satisfied with their sexual life and relationships. This level of satisfaction, even after three months of the end of the study, still means that it takes time to share intimacy after sexual intercourse to promote the emotional connection of the partner and make it more and more strong.

Embrace can teach we give and accept. Give bisexuals, lesbian and gay warmth. Embrace is a mutual action, we give hugs while we also get hugs from others. In the hug, we realize that giving and receiving comfort and warmth is of equal value.

Embrace tells us that love can flow in any way. When we embrace others, we are open to our own energy field, and we build trust in each other.

India's first spiritual leader, Amma, has protected and comforted more than 34 million people. By hugging, she was encouraged to raise and transform people. When asked where she was getting energy to help so many people, Amma said that as long as the heart of possession of true love, to complete all these things are effortless. Her followers say her hugs give them comfort, clarity and tranquility.

Embrace is a mutual action, it allows us to give and receive comfort. A famous psychologist Virginia Satire once said that we need four hugs to survive every day, eight hugs to maintain, twelve hugs to grow.

Now, you have a certain understanding of the benefits and scientific basis of all these hugs.


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