Why We Love Dating And You Should Too

Why We Love Dating And You Should Too

bi couple seeking third

Both of my husband and me are loving dating with friends. We chat with each other, hang out with each other, and do more fun with each other. Yes, we are bi couple, we enjoy dating with bisexual females and bisexual males. Don't think it's unbelievable. It's amazing. I really think every couple should try to meet a third to have fun. It's must be the most interesting sex you have ever done.

Let me think why we start dating with a third one. That's going to start from last year's wedding anniversary. We went to Las Vegas for a holiday. Both of us wanna have an unforgettable, special wedding anniversary. We thought about again and again but had no idea for it. We can only seek help from Google. "How to make my anniversary special?". All of these ways had been used by us, after all, this is our 12th anniversary. A bit disappointed. "Every year, we are both together. Wouldn't it be better to invite someone to join us this year?" said to John (my husband). When I heard this thought, I suddenly felt that the cells in my body were alive. That's sounds amazing. I can't wait to start it.

Then we thought about how to start it. Both of us were new to this. We search about a couple looking for third on Google. We got many dating sites. Bisexual dating site is the one that attracts our attention. We got a site named: bienjoy.com. We joined as a bi-curious couple. With the first time to have a threesome dating, we decided to invite a bi-curious female to join us. Fortunately, we met many women near us. We choose a woman of 38 years old. We chatted with her, told her about our idea. She's pleasured to hang out with us. We met at a light music bar.

We saw her with a red long skirt. She's pretty. We drank and chat with each other. She was a bi woman who had dated with some bi couples. She'd love to help us have a romantic night. It's midnight, we come back to the hotel.

We knew the best exciting time was coming. She took shower first. When she came out of the shower, she was wrapped in a bath towel, drops of water on the neck looks curvy and sexy. I took shower then. When my husband went to the shower room, she took me to the bed and touch me with a gentle smile. I'm excited and a little nervous. She guided me lay in bed and kissed me. It felt wonderful. I kissed back to her, I follow her guidance. After my husband took shower, two women are going on fiercely, and he can't wait to join us. Sometimes she was gentile, sometimes she was crazy.

It's really a beautiful night. Since then, we become bisexual couples (woman bisexual and man straight). We usually date with a bisexual woman on bisexual dating site. We more and more enjoyable in bisexual couple dating, and we more and more love each other. You should try to have a threesome couples date.


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