Embrace the 21 wonderful benefits to bisexuality(3)

bi womanHugs can reduce the pressure of bisexuals

When we are under stress, our nerve endings will deliver information to the body to release the hormone cortisol. This hormone will delay the body to restore the process of trauma. Cortisol will stimulate the body to produce "war or escape" response, if not controlled, then the individual will produce a lot of physical illness.When we get someone else's hug, the body releases a posterior oxytocin that makes us more calm, relaxed, and reduces stress levels. It also plays a role in the marginal system, such as the impact on the emotional center, raising our level of excitement, reducing our anxiety and reducing the level of pain in women in production. Matt Hertenstein, a psychologist at the University of Dibbau, describes posterior vasoconstrictor as a sense of promoting individual devotion, trust, and association, which binds the biological basis and links to the structure of others.

Focus: Hugs can reduce stress levels by releasing posterior follicles that ease anxiety and promote social association. Bisexual men and bisexual women are under great pressure from the public, so they need more hugs.

Embrace to meet the "skin desire"

The skin is the largest organ of man. It is a protective layer that is isolated from the outside and can be re-formed at an incredible speed. The skin is also the protector of our brain data. Our feet, fingertips and lips are used to feel the slightest detail of the sensory data and pass them through the nerve endings to the brain. Contact is the first feeling we have gained, so contact and physical communication are of vital importance to our health.

Unfortunately, many people are in a state of denial of contact. One study found that one-third of the people could not get a hug from one's other man, but at the same time 75 percent showed that they actually wanted to get more hugs.

Human beings are becoming more and more difficult to understand in the absence of contact. Two hundred years ago, French scientists witnessed a biological imitation of human race in the jungle. Eventually the creature was caught, and found that he was a eleven-year-old boy. They called the boy Victor and decided to let him return to the forest for most of his life. At first the doctors thought that Victor had a psychological problem, but the final physiologist and psychiatrist reached a consensus that he was deprived of human physical contact for a long time, which led to his social and development deficiencies. These findings were confirmed in a study by the Miami Institute of Exposure, which emphasized the importance of exposure to preterm infants. In contrast to the control group, the infant growth rate, which received more daily information, accelerated by 47 percent.

Focus: Embrace the skin that is needed to keep fit.

Embrace can improve the body's serum serotonin content

Health topics, including depression and obesity, are associated with serotonin disorders. Serotonin affects and controls our mental and emotional processes, triggering function, hormones and blood pressure.

The low level of this hormone can lead to sleep disorders, or even obesity, because most of our body's serotonin is present in the digestive system. When our serum serotonin level is too low, the brain receives the body is hungry signal, and then we will feel driven to eat. The study found a direct relationship between obesity and low levels of serotonin caused by excessive diets. Once the level of serotonin returned to normal, the desire to continue to eat things will disappear.

When we feel the importance of their own, serotonin will rise rapidly, and when it is missing, the opposite will happen, we will feel lonely and depressed. This may lead to an unhealthy individual seeking other people's attention, and may even lead people to join the gang, embarked on the crime of truth.

Today, many antidepressants on the market are mainly to increase the content of serotonin. However, the treatment actually has a simpler and more healthy way: hugging. Embrace is conducive to the release of the body of serotonin, which can enhance our emotions, and is conducive to increasing our sense of pleasure. High levels of serotonin can reduce sorrow, improve excitement, and have a direct effect on our emotions and feelings.

Focus: hug can increase the body of serotonin, thereby enhancing the sense of pleasure. If you are not happy, then embrace your friends, my dear bisexual friends.


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