Embrace the 21 wonderful benefits to bisexuality(4)

bi womanHugs can balance the nervous system of bisexuals

Studies have shown that their currents respond to significant differences in skin conductivity when individuals receive a hug from others. This difference is due to the transfer of electricity and humidity brought about by embracing. These levels of change in power and humidity can balance the individual's nervous system.

According to neurologists, Shekar Raman and MD, the study found that the way of contact, such as hugging or patting the back is through the central nervous system feedback center and implementation, which makes us feel happy and happy. The more we are in contact with others, we can gain more happiness.

Focus: hug can promote the balance of the nervous system.

bi-woman noticed: hug can be anti-aging

As we grow up slowly, the level of hormones slowly declines, causing a decrease in muscle mass. In fact, after three decades of age, our body's muscle quality will be reduced by five percent every ten years.

The study now focuses on the benefits of oxytocin in both muscle tightness and muscle signaling pathways. In an experiment with a rat, the researchers injected oxytocin into the aged mouse with muscular disorders and found that the mice were better after nine days compared to mice that did not receive hormonal stimulation Healing ability. They can even heal to 80 percent, better than those who are young and untreated.

The results further found that oxytocin in maintaining healthy body and healthy muscle levels have played a very important role. Because hugs can increase the ability of individuals to release oxytocin, hugs also have anti-aging effects.

Focus: hugging allows us to keep young and maintain muscle strength.

Embrace can resist heart disease

Scientists have shown that hugs can cause the body to release oxytocin, promote the nervousness of the nervous system, and create a sense of relaxation. But oxytocin has other effects, it can lower blood pressure and heart pressure.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill made a study, the researchers first female subjects were divided into two groups. The first group of subjects shook hands with their companions for ten minutes and then embraced while the other group sat quietly beside the companion. Ten minutes later, female subjects were talking about what had happened recently to make them feel more stressful. The results showed that women who did not have any physical contact had a higher level of blood pressure than those who had hugged and shook hands.

Participants who did not have any physical contact with the companion were beaten ten times faster every minute, and those who had hugged only five times a minute.

Focus: hug can reduce blood pressure, relieve heartbeat, get along with others more harmonious, especially for bisexual who is shy.


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